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MobileGo token

If you want your favorite games to generate any income you should pay attention to MobileGo token!

This cryptocurrency based on the blockchain technology is founded for gamers and developers particularly. It may be earned while playing games and spent to purchase new games, items or other content and add-ons.

Before gamers had to spend their money to keep on enjoying the gaming process. Today they can avoid it by getting and spending in-game currency. It is a great opportunity!

MGO as a successful solution

The creation and distribution of MGO (the short name for MobileGo) was followed by the crowdsale.

It was a successful solution that:

  • influenced the mobile gaming market and improve the image of the whole platform;
  • helped thousands of people to make good money;
  • provided an expanded distribution of crypto (though before these coins were popular among gamers and game developers only);
  • contributed to the mass adoption of mobile gaming;
  • accelerated the development of eSports.

By the way, there are over 400 million people engaged in eSports and 2.4 billion people playing mobile games. The potential target audience is impressing.

MGO price and what it indicates

If you follow the dynamics of this token price you can see it's often rising. It explains why one should trust this altcoin.

Besides there are many other reasons for trust and confidence:

  • successful work of company;
  • experienced professional team (with outstanding leader);
  • non-doubtful contribution to mobile gaming industry and eSports.

The liquidity and usability of MGO was proved by time.

Where can you get MobileGo?

First of all, you can get MGO by means of GShare: just play your favorite games and earn the cryptocurrency!

The earned coins may be spent on purchasing in-game items or content. It means you don't have to spend your own money anymore.

And of course the tokens can be exchanged for any other currency (including altcoins).

Please see the list of stock exchanges below where the mentioned financial operations are possible:

In any case you are entitled to choose the way what to do with MobileGo.

What was MGO created for?

The described currency is founded on special smart contracts using the blockchain technology.

The appliance of MGO facilitates P2P matchplay and helps to hold decentralized tournaments.

A few years ago taking part and organizing of eSport tournaments was too expensive and difficult for ordinary people: gamers had to be super qualified masters and nevertheless needed sponsors.

MobileGo has made a difference. Due to its solutions, anyone can organize an eSports tournament and take part in it (despite of his qualification and financial possibilities). That's cool!

So it's up to you to make a contribution to the mobile gaming industry and eSports! More than that it'll generate additional revenue and lead you to success.

As it has been mentioned above there are too many gamers in the world: that's why the development of this project is doomed to get the excellent results.


As for financing ICO it's a deal for everyone interested in investments. The crowdsale gained its milestone and finished with good results.

There are many people made their contribution to the project development - players and eSports masters, game developers and publishers, cryptotraders. All mentioned categories have already got or will get their "pieces of pie".

The general progress was made possible by individual efforts!